Monday, February 22, 2021

Project 365 - February 22, 2021

Almost There

Today, as I was making my coffee and getting my breakfast, my nose was filled with the most delightful scent coming from this blossoming plant!  

It was a busy day, lots of meetings and phone calls. But tonight, after I cleaned up the dinner dishes, I took my hyacinth next door to show to my neighbors. I am so proud of the progress this plant has made in less than one week!!

Now I am thinking that I should have bought more than one!! But that’s okay. It’s a bulb and that is a perennial. 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Project 365 - February 20, 2021


I was pleasantly surprised today when I finally made my way down to the kitchen. Yesterday, in addition to two doctor’s appointments, I also got my first of my two Shingles vaccines. Needless to say, I couldn’t move my arm very much so I took an ibuprofen and put a heating pad on my arm and went back to sleep. 

That much needed sleep helped. But then when I did get down to the kitchen, I found so many of the buds on this plant had opened up.  The smell is so lovely.  Of course I had to make these images. I expect there will be more to follow in as this hyacinth continues to bloom. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Project 365 - February 19, 2021

A Touch of Spring

Shopping at Aldi’s has its benefits. As I was standing on line at the checkout counter waiting g to load my purchases on the conveyor belt, I looked at the shelf in front of me — you know the impulse items area?!

I found this beautifully growing bulb that immediately reminded me of those early spring days.  There would be wisps of melted snow left on the grass and on the wooden rails of Sam Goody’s house.  Pushing up from the hard-packed earth along the finely manicured lawns would be these tiny, green leaves and minuscule buds that later in the season would burst open with lovely shades of links and lavender and emitting sweet and fragrant aromas.

So, of course I grabbed one of these hyacinth bulbs in the glass container so I can not only watch the plant mater, but I can also observe the roots as they grow.

You can expect to see many images of this subject as it progresses.  

Hopefully my cats will not help themselves to a snack!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Project 365 - February 16, 2021

Pretty in Pink

As I walked outside this morning at about 6:45 am, I was greeted with the most brilliant, pink clouds. This was such a lovely surprise because I knew that we had a lot of rain on the way. Not two minutes later, the colors morphed into shades of yellow and orange.  It is such an inspiring and peaceful time of day.  A time to reflect and listen, really listen to the sounds of nature. From the anhinga birds that sound like monkeys in the trees, to the ibis that swoop down onto the former golf course to graze or the occasional mockingbirds that flit from the trees to the road signposts to watch me as I walk along the paths, there is always something that catches my attention.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Project 365 - February 14, 2021

A Valentine's Day Kinda Morning

I received so many texts on Sunday because it was Valentine's Day.  People were worried that I might have a bad day. But, Joel and I never really made a big deal about it because it was a Hallmark event.  Did he buy me flowers? Always!  Did he buy presents? Always!  Did I need it? No.  All I really needed was the time to enjoy being with my best friend on the planet. So was my day any different than any other? No.  

I got up and walked with Greg. I did lots of Sunday errands around the house and I made plans to have lunch with a friend who I have not seen in years. Later in the day, Adina and I had a quiet dinner. She did surprise me with flowers and that was a sweet gesture. And, I got a sweet text from a friend wishing me a "Happy Galentine's Day" which made me giggle.

But all in all, I had a very nice day.

Project 365 - February 12, 2021

Morning Walks

I have been going on my morning walks for about four years now.  Ever since I retired from my Broward County job, had begun to walk for exercise.  At first, I tried doing Yoga each morning. I really enjoyed that, but I knew that I needed more exercise because my doctor told me that I had full-blown osteoporosis. That was quite a shock to learn. I thought, only old people had that. But then I realized that perhaps, I was also in that aging category.

Whenever something presents a challenge for me, I try to turn it around and see that it is an opportunity. And this was an opportunity to use my photography skills.  I have many, many more photographs than I have shared on this blog, and I have them saved on my external hard drives and cloud-based storage locations. In addition, I have printed some of these images and exhibited them in my house or turned them into a set of holiday or thank you cards.

But then, when my friend and I were talking over the Christmas holiday break, we both decided that we needed the challenge of posting on our Project 365 blogs. So far, I have kept up my end of the bargain, but I know that I need to venture out beyond only my morning walks.  But since the pandemic, I only venture out for specific purposes -- work or food shopping.  

I am sure that I will get a bit more adventurous, but for now, my own neighborhood continues to provide fascination for me. On Friday morning, I chose this beautiful bougainvillea as one of my subjects.  This bush is larger than me and has such beautiful blossoms. My fascination is in the details of the tiny, yellow flowers that are really the flowers for this plant. The surrounding, brilliantly colored parts of the plant are leaves that serve to attract pollinators.

My other image for today is my fascination with South Florida sunrises. I love when I not only capture the elegant colors of the early morning but also gain the added bonus of mist on the former golf course.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Project 365 - February 10, 2021

Morning Dew

As I pulled the curtains opened this morning I saw that it had either rained or it was really humid outside. The concrete was wet and the Adirondack chairs were dripping. And then my beautiful succulent Jade plant had the perfect amount of dew for a photographer to take a precious moment out of a very busy day to just stop and make some photographs. 

And then it was back to work. 

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Project 365 - February 5, 2021

It’s a Misty Morning

Friday morning’s walk was a very pleasant surprise. The weather was changing from the chilly 40s to a more temperate 60 degrees. 

The result brought a thick blanket of mist with incredibly beautiful colors of sunrise. 

I love that no matter when I walk, I always find something different for my subject. Even if I shoot the same subject on different days, the end result is always unique.  

This was a very nice way to begin my weekend which is now about to end.