Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photo of the Day - April 15, 2012

Random Photos

So I spent this morning on the couch with my coffee from my new Tassimo coffeemaker, reading the newspaper (on my iPad) and looking through photos that I have never uploaded. I decided to upload them here today.

The first is of one of Adina's watercolor paintings which I find amazingly haunting. This is for her AP Art class. I took this photo before she turned it in to her teacher.

The next two are from Easter Sunday. Joel had given Adina a bottle of bubbles that were colored with food coloring. We went outside to try it! Very cool colors I might add!! Don't try this inside your house and definitely do not wear white clothing either!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Photo of the Day - April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

So what do the Jews do on Easter Sunday??  We sleep late, eat our matzoh and then go outside and enjoy the spring day!

Well, that is what I did anyway!

I wandered around the neighborhood looking for something to shoot.  I was enjoying the cool breezes and strong sun.  Didn't matter if I shot one photo, I was happy.  But I did and I also fixed my light meter that refused to work properly on manual.  Somehow I changed the exposure levels to Plus Three!!  Oy vey, all my photos were way, way overexposed because my camera was trying desperately to compensate and it didn't make any sense to me.

I finally figured it out after about an hour.  This is the end result.

Photo of the Day - April 1, 2012

A Trip to Lincoln Road

I met my best friend, Susan, on Lincoln Road with Joel and her daughter Clare.  They were down for spring break for a visit from Connecticut.  It is all because of Susan that I am still working on this blog!!  Thank you Susan!!

We were so caught up in our discussion that I barely took a photo, unusual for me, but I did snap just a few and that is all that I have to share.  Nothing spectacular but interesting to me just the same.

Photo of the Day - March 26, 2012

Another Day of Modeling

Adina had a very dramatic look this day.  So we went into Rachel's room where the afternoon light is the brightest.  I tried with diffused light through the shades and then direct lighting for a harsh effect.  I like both.  But my favorite is the black and white because it looks like the 1940s to me.

What are your thoughts?

Photo of the Day - March 21, 2012

A Walk Around the Neighborhood

I may have already uploaded these photos, but I am not sure, so here it goes.  Adina and I took a walk around our neighborhood and looked for stuff to shoot.  This is the end result.

Photo of the Day - March 1, 2012

My Little Model

Adina loves to let me take photos of her because her makeup and her clothing are like an extension of her art.  So she very willingly poses for me.  The first photo that I selected for this blog is of Adina putting more art up onto her bedroom walls.  She always has to take something down before she can put something else up!  I am always amazed at what I find on her walls.  Some is her own creation, but others are magazine photos and posters and tickets and all things that mean something to her.  I remember doing the same thing in one corner of my bedroom in New York.  Before my mom redecorated with new wallpaper, she let my friends draw and write all over the walls.  I have photos of that somewhere in my archives!!

The next two photos are of Adina trying to be dramatic.  We played with the lighting in her room and I just let her move around and be as silly as she wanted.  I really like these two images.