Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project 365 - January 5, 2012

Wow, my first blog post of the year.  This will be my fifth year.  Wow, where does the time go?  When I started this photo blog, my oldest daughter was getting ready to graduate from high school and I had just turned 50.  Now I am 54 and she is a junior in college and my younger daughter will be graduating from high school soon.

But it is so comforting to look back at this blog to see a slice of my life.  What was I doing on June 5, 2009 or September 11, 2010?  I may not have blogged every single day, but there is a good bulk of my life documented out here.

These photos were taken in mid-December just prior to Rachel coming home from college.  Joel and Adina and I drove up to the Pompano Fashion Square to see the Classic Car Show.  It was a very hot and sticky day for December, even though it doesn't look that way from the dark skies.  I think it rained later on in the day.

We had a good time wandering around these cars.  Some that i remember from my youth and others way older than me!  My favorite was the Dodge Dart with the push button transmission.  Joel's father had a 1963 Dart and I remember those buttons!!

Adina got a kick out of the cars too.  She and Joel took off wandering and that left me to do what I do best, sit on the ground and get into weird positions so that I can get the angles just the way I like them.  If I don't end up sweaty and dirty, then I just didn't have a good shoot!