Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photo of the Day - October 11, 2012

I Feel Human Again

I haven't blogged since July!  Wow, now I remember why.  My life took a huge turn on July 31.  At work, my director retired and on August 1, I was named the Interim Director of Broward Cultural Division.

What a great honor is has been to serve in this capacity.  I absolutely adore my job, the people I work with, the cultural organizations and the artists.  These are the wonderful people who make up the fabric of the creative industries in Broward County.  These are the people who help to contribute to the $230 million economic impact to Broward's economy.

Along with the new title came new responsibilities but the previous responsibilities didn't disappear.  This is in no way a complaint.  Instead, it is simply an observation.  As I look back on the past two months I can see how much we have accomplished as a team.  I can see how we have all stepped up to make sure that the goals and mission of the Division continue to thrive and move forward.

However, I also know that my time has become extremely precious and I have to segment my day, my evenings and my weekends into partitions so that I can accomplish what needs to be done and not let myself get overwhelmed.

So with all that said, I have placed my artwork on hold.  I do take lots of images with my iPhone with Instagram which fills the void -- for now.  But I do miss what I love to do.  I miss the peace and quiet of taking a walk with one camera on each shoulder and wander, sometimes aimlessly, and snap at images that please me.  I miss sitting and staring at nature to wait for the right moment.

Well, today, when I came home, a little bit earlier than usual, I threw on ratty clothes, my sneakers and one camera on each shoulder.  Off I went to explore.  I never know what I will find or who I will meet and today didn't disappoint me!

I found these folks paddling in our lake behind the homes.  They were having a lovely time, giggling and pointing at things in the trees.  They really had no idea what I was about to find!  

As I rounded the lake to look up into the trees to see the birds I having lovingly dubbed, "the monkey birds" because they sound like monkeys to me, a man came out of his home and called to me.

He said that there was an alligator following me around the lake!  I turned to look and sure enough, there it was.  It was HUGE!!!  Very scary because I was very close to the edge of the lake.

But then I got to talking to him, his name is Treavor.  He recently retired from the Army and told me that he had served in Afghanistan and lost many solders there.  I thanked him for serving.  He shrugged it off and said that it is what he had to do for our Country.  What an interesting neighbor.  I enjoyed meeting him.

I wandered a little more before I headed home, but not before I snapped a few more images that made me feel human again!

Always, always follow your art.  As an artist, I understand that you HAVE to do your art.