Saturday, April 14, 2018

Project 365 - April 14, 2018

A New Chapter

Sometimes we all need time to think about our passions. So, I took a very long break from my two Nikon cameras, my passion for the past decade. But today, perhaps, I have begun a new chapter.

Since I last took a serious photo, so much has transpired. First of all, I turned 60. That was quite a wake-up call. Second, not only did I retire from my 35-year public service career, but I began, not only one, but a second new job over the past two years, and soon to be a third. Not sure where my feet will land over the next few weeks to months, but the ride is sure an interesting one!

 Third, my first-born married the love of her life and is happily starting her life. Ok, so it is in another state, but we talk on a daily basis either on my way to work or on the way home.  And there is "No Noah" Wednesday when her husband is rehearsing with the orchestra. Those evenings we usually Skype and have dinner together! I love technology.

And, in a few weeks, my younger daughter will be graduating from college. She still lives at home, but we barely see her. Maybe once or twice a week. So, we do know what it is like to be an empty next. But not quite there yet. Not in a hurry at all. 

Today, after sleeping late, going on a "cleaning out the refrigerator" binge, sitting and watching two Star Wars movies in a row and then going to the gym and running 2.5 miles, I was inspired to pick up my camera.

A bit rusty, I fell in love all over again with the sound of the clicking as I wandered through the neighborhood to see what I could capture. Then after dinner, sorting through the images and using just a touch of Photoshop. These are the result.

Now I have to find that inspiration more often but on my terms.