Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Photo of the Day - May 5, 2012

Super Moon

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard that there was a "Super Moon" this past Saturday night.  I wanted to go to the beach to watch the moon rise over the ocean, but my family didn't want to go.  

However, my friend Richard did.  But there was a catch.  First I had to go to dinner with my family, then I had to go to the Cricket game with Richard, which I understand since he is the mayor and needed to be on the stage to hand out the medals to the winners.  Then I was able to get to the beach. 

Okay, so we didn't quite get to the beach until about 10 pm and the moon was way up in the sky by then and the superness of it was sort of lost.  But I did manage to snap a couple of cool shots that I felt were worthy of posting.

The first couple of shots are of the Mayor of Lauderhill and the Broward County Commissioner on stage with both Sri Lanka and Jamaica (first funner up and the winner, in that order).  There was a lot of excitement and music and good smells from Caribbean cooking.

Then when we finally got to the beach, Commercial and A1A, we wandered around near the pier.  I showed Richard how to set Lynn's new camera on manual and then change the shutter speed and aperture so that he could take photos of the moon.  I did the same and I like the photo I took.

The other photo is of two guys under the pier clam digging!  I know that my mom used to do that with my father way back in the 1940s on Far Rockaway beach.  But I had never seen anyone actually do it.  I was a bit fascinated.

Finally, I took a shot of the ocean with the moon on it.  Not my favorite, but its okay. 

Our evening ended with frozen yogurt, mango and vanilla for me with almonds.  It was worth every bite.