Sunday, February 24, 2013

Photo of the Day - February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Every year we celebrate Super Bowl Sunday at the Kaplan's.  This year was no different!

There was the annual menu planning between Joel and Lynn.  Phone calls and emails flying back and forth to figure out who would make what and who would bring what.  In the end, there was an array of comfort food lining the table on warming trays and with plenty of utensils and plates and forks for all.

This year was a little different however.  Lynn's friend got sick early in the evening and Lynn had to take her to the emergency room.  We didn't realize until after Lynn had left that something was wrong.  They left very quietly.  Her friend was okay in the end, but it was a bit scary and Lynn was texting Richard every so often with updates.

The party continued and Joel turned into the host!  He made sure that the food was being eaten and kept warmed properly and then he cleaned up and didn't really want any help.  I pitched in a bit, but he was really doing it all.  

Meanwhile, on the couch, the wine and beer was flowing and Adina and her girlfriend  were deep into arts and crafts projects at the dining room table.  Even Rudy (the cat) got in on the arts and crafts!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photo of the Day - February 15, 2013

Lazy Daze

Joel and I took off for Fort Myers since we knew that Adina would be in Boston for the Harvard Debate Tournament.  It was a little slice of what empty nest would be like next year.  

So Thursday night we headed over with the car packed with food for the weekend so we could eat in if we wanted.  And we did.  We had a very romantic Valentine's Day complete with a bottle of wine, candles and roses!

When Friday rolled around I crawled out onto the cushy chaise lounge on the porch with my book, my iPad, my iPhone and my camera.  The house that we were staying in is along a canal and the wildlife is all around and was right outside my screened in paradise!

I did actually get up and wander around and these are the photos that I took.

Photo of the Day - February 10, 2013

Sunday Picnic in the Park

The outdoor concert season is underway.  Many of the Broward cities has them.  But one of my favorites is the one I can pretty much walk to, the Sunday Picnic in the Park at Ilene Lieberman Botanical Gardens on Inverrary Blvd.

This is the fifth season that my friend, Richard Kaplan, the Mayor of the City of Lauderhill, has presented for the residents.

We gladly roll out of bed, pack a cooler with goodies and one of use brings orange juices and another the champagne for our mimosas.  Someone, or sometimes, all of us bring wine!  It is a very happy way to spend our Sundays.  I know that I was going to miss the next one, and it was a big one and it was at night and it was a Beatlemania type of group.  But Joel and I needed a weekend away.  But these are the photos from last week.

Photo of the Day - January 26, 2013

Legends of Baseball

I had been asking Joel for weeks if he wanted to go to the Fort Lauderdale Stadium to see the Legends of Baseball game but he wouldn't give me an answer.  Finally, Richard and Lynn asked if we wanted to go with them so we decided to go!

Little did we know that this was the very last time that this game would be played here in Fort Lauderdale.  Kind of sad.  We did get to see many legends and some non-baseball players who played very well like Ron Magill from Zoo Miami.

The weather was wonderfully warm in the sun and cool in the shade.  I even felt a little too cool in the stadium and could have used a sweatshirt.  But I digress.

I only was able to take a few photos with my Nikon outside the stadium because I was not allowed to bring the camera into the stadium.  I was angry, and couldn't understand why since they allowed Lynn to take her camera in.  Either have a policy of NO cameras, or just forget the policy.

So the rest of the game I used my iPhone.  Not a terrible choice but would have preferred my camera.  In the end, I got quite a few good shots, but still would have preferred the camera.

My friend, Neal,and I couldn't figure out why the Batmobile was there.  But of course, I took a photo of it!  And a close up of the logo on the side of the car.