Thursday, August 1, 2013

Photo of the Day - August 1, 2013

A Walk About

Since we had dinner so early tonight and the sun was still way up in the sky, I decided to take a walk.  It is still the middle of the summer here and oh so very hot, even at 7 p.m.  Even in a pair of shorts and tank top, I was sweating by the time I crossed the street.  

Yes, I know, I know, it is South Florida, it is the subtripics and yes, I know I run 2 miles in this heat, but when I am trying to take photos and standing still, it is oh so uncomfortable.

That's why I always head down to the lake first.  Someone left their sprinklers on too long and I had to slosh through really soggy grass.  That is when I found the lizard staring at me.  Then I wandered behind some of the homes along the lake to see what I might find.  I really never know what might surprise me . . . hopefully not another alligator like last year!!

I found some interesting mold growing on a stump of a tree.  I liked the texture and the colors and with a bit of Photoshop I was able to get some depth.

Then I followed the birds.  I love these birds, and I have been taking images of them for years.  I never get tired of watching them fly low across the lake making very cool trails along the water to carry food back to their nests.  And then their sounds are so very loud.  My girls and I call them the monkey birds because that is what they sound like.

Then I found this lovely rusty lock wrapped around the trunk of a tree.  I saw two guys walking along the edge of the lake and I knew they were looking at me.  I figured if I ignored them they would go away.  But, no luck.  They struck up a conversation with me and that is where I lost my light.

It was a very nice conversation but a very short photo shoot.  Oh well.  There is always tomorrow!