Monday, March 31, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 30, 2008

Not very inspired today. I went to the gym in the morning to work out. Then I came home and took a shower and ate lunch. Joel and Adina and I went to Target to get a few items like paper towels and toilet paper, the usual Sunday stuff that we do after we read about the sales in the newspaper. Well, when we were done shopping at Target (which by the way, was on generator power because of a fire nearby, so it was like
"mood" shopping!! When the lights came on everyone was cheering. It was a very funny moment.), anyway, when we were done shopping, we were greeted by a sheets of rain coming down so hard that we couldn't see out the doors. However, my husband has no patience, so he ran out to the car and pulled up in front of Target so we could run and get into the car. It really wasn't that bad because it was a warm rain. THis ia a photo of Joel -- soaking wet and dripping all over the car. THere is one tiny part of his tee-shirt that is dry, you can see it near his underarm! The rest of the photos are of the rain streaming down the windshield and beading up on the window.

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