Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 31, 2008

The first official day off from work was pretty uneventful, however the Leshinskys always manage to make an event out of nothing! Rachel and I started the day at the gym and then a shower and lunch at home. By 2 p.m. Adina was finally dressed and we went shopping at a consignment shop called "Plato's Closet." They love going there (and so do I!). We ended up with an arm full of fun tee-shirts and a pair of Hollister pants . . . something that would have cost a fortune at the mall, but here it was nothing! Adina is preparing for a field trip to Washington, DC and has no pants. So this was just a beginning. We will have to break down and go to the mall or Old Navy for some jeans because she has outgrown all of her long pants.

After shopping we headed over to Sam Ash because Rachel wanted to play all of the guitars and Adina wanted to tinker with the drums and pianos. This was my first experience where I was asked to put my camera away. Needless to say, I was miffed, but I managed to snap these two shots with Adina's cell phone! Thank goodness for technology!

As we were leaving, we saw this pet store and decided to take a short detour. We ended up spending two hours at Sam Ash and another hour at the pet store. We played with this Persian kitten for a while. She was very sweet, but very, very hairy.

I couldn't resist snapping these two shots of the salt water fish. This lion fish was not very happy with me and trying to attack me.

Not exactly sure what this fish is called, but I liked what it looked like!

This is Rachel's shot. I really liked it. I was driving and she snapped a bunch of photos all the way home, but this one really spoke to me.

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