Sunday, April 27, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - April 26, 2008

The day started off to a sleepy start. I love watching them sleep, they look so peaceful and innocent.

I took a photo of these letters because I had forgotten about them. Joel and I bought these once we decided on a name for Adina. Joel had the bright idea of gluing them onto Adina's dressing table where we changed her diaper. It did entertain Adina because the colors were so bright. Well, jump forward several years and now the changing table is long gone and in its place are all of Adina's books that she loves. Mostly ghost stories!!

Later in the day, after Rachel and I got home from the gym, we took Adina out to lunch and she was just finishing her chocolate milk as I snapped this photo. She loves chocolate milk and I figure that at least I am getting some calcium into her even though sugar is getting in there too.

After lunch it was off to the tailor's so that we could get three pairs of pants shortened, however, I had hemmed them very quickly (and badly) so that she could take them with her to Washington, DC. In this photo Joel and Adina are ripping out my stitches.

These two photos were just for fun because I loved the way Elena stores all of her threads on the wall in the shop.

While we were waiting for Adina to have her pants measured we sat onthe floor and played with Snickers, this sweet Silky Yorkshire Terrier. He was so sweet and loving and not scared of us at all. I remember my friend Susan's dog, Rufus. Rufus looked just like this one. Well, at least in my memory!

Adina and her friend, Rachel, had a ball at the pool. It was a picture perfect day (ha ha) and I was right there snapping away with my camera. I must have shot about 300 photos just on the two girls. But I was playing with the shutter speeds so that I could catch them in mid-air. I think I did it!

The girls were just chilling and I loved the brightly colored noodles against the deep blue of the pool.

Here I am playing with my long lens. I could this mockingbird as he (or she) was chirping away on the railing. Right after this one he flew away.

And this photo just cracked me up. On the left is our friend, Gary and on the right is my cousin, Michael. They were taking photos of each other and saving them on their phones as the photo ID. We have known Gary since Junior High. These two are probably the biggest kids I have ever known!

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