Thursday, April 10, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - April 10, 2008

Tonight was gym night again. Rachel is really good about pushing me. My entire body is getting a workout! It is about time, I put it off for way too long and it is taking longer to get back into the shape that I was in before. But it is fun to be going with her. We talk non-stop from the time we get there until we leave. Someone even asked us if we were mother and daughter and she thought it was cute that we were working out together!

This photo is of Rachel relaxing with a cup of tea in the den after dinner, still in her workout clothes.

Well, my tulips finally bit the dust, but I couldn't let them go until I took a farewell photo of them. I like this because it felt like the petals were hanging on for dear life! And I love the way the colors changed to this deep purple hue.

I love this piece of furniture because every time I open it up, I can still smell my childhood home in Far Rockaway. This just fit into the space where the wet bar used to be. We didn't remove the mirrors so from the angle that I shot this image you actually see a mirror image of the breakfront. If you stare at it you can see it reflected again in the other mirror so it looks like it goes on forever!

This is the 2008 version of doing your homework on the phone in front of the computer with your friend! I used to do this, minus the computer and minus the cell phone!!

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