Monday, April 14, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - April 14, 2008

It started out peacefully. I helped Adina pack on Sunday night, I even hemmed three pairs of pants so that she could take them with her. Everything was laid out on the floor in her room ready to go. Adina was ready for Washington, DC . . . a field trip with 50 students from her middle school. No parents were allowed to go, only teachers. Boo, hiss, I love Washington, DC. However, on the way to airport Adina informed me that she had decided to leave the jacket at home. Not a very smart idea because the temperature was ranging between 45 and 55 degrees. Oh well, she will find out what the cold is like!

Here is Adina looking very grown up as we entered the airport.

I liked the way the morning light was reflecting off of Adina's hair as she stood near the ticketing counters with her friend. Notice her purple streak!

And here are the three friends, ready to go with their school shirts on! I had to leave at this point. It wasn't a tearful good-bye because Adina was so excited that her mood reflected onto me!

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