Monday, April 14, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - April 13, 2008

I uploaded these photos and completely forgot to write about them and then post them. I really loved Sunday. Joel and Adina and I spent the entire day together. Rachel parked herself on the couch all morning and had to work all afternoon. So it was just the three of us.

We took Adina to the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center in Hollywood. It is still being built and eventually will be more of a museum as well as a research center. There was an author there that we wanted to see. She was telling the story of her husband's survival of Auschwitz. It was EXTREMELY moving and both Adina and I were crying.

I took the first image of the author as she was talking. It was very difficult for her as she is not a public speaker and her hands were trembling as she spoke and she had to sip water often to calm herself. But it was also a difficult tale to tell.

We bought her book and Adina had her autograph it. I liked this photo too because it captured the artwork of the cover of her book and it seems to be pointing at the author. We can never forget this atrocity.

Lining the hallways are works of art that will eventually be part of the museum. This piece particularly moved me. The author spoke of the hands reaching out to the electrified fences in the hopes that they could quickly put an end to their pain and suffering of loss and illness and the horrors that they encountered on a daily basis.

This is a photo of the artist who illustrated the cover of the book. Adina was fascinated with meeting the artist and told her that she is an artist too.

Another art piece that moved me.

After all of this sadness, we walked down the block to the Arts Academy of Hollywood to visit one of my colleagues. She was thrilled that I came by on a Sunday and gave a tour of the facility which is magnificent, complete with many dance rooms, music practice rooms, video production suite, costume closets and windows everywhere! My colleague designed the facility so that she could see everything that is going on. There is color and live and vibrancy. I took this photo of the Spring Recital that was going on. Loved the sweeping view of the audience.

On the way home we stopped at a place off of I-95 for supper items. As we were standing on line I snapped this photo of the red peppers. A really large woman who worked there came over and I really thought that she was going to ask me to put the camera away, but instead, she wanted to see my photos and was asking why I wanted photos of vegetables. So we had had a nice chat while Joel and Adina checked out.

I loved this photo of the the palattes that were stacked way high in the parking lot. The contrast of the blue sky was striking against the earthy tones of the wood.

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