Sunday, April 6, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - April 6, 2008

I had quite an exciting day today. I was hired for my first professional photography job! I had to take photos of the Inverrary Hotel! I am only showing three of the many photos that I shot today, but these images will be used to help to sell the destination as a resort type property! I had so much fun. I used my tripod and really took my time to set up the shots and arrange furniture and furnishings and played with the shutter speed and aperture settings and bracketed like crazy. I am sure that I won't have to do this much prep in the future, but I wanted to make sure that I had enough good shots for them.

This is the exterior of the hotel. I had taken this shot on a different day and used it because today began as a very, very rainy day but as I was doing the photo shoot it cleared up and became very, very sunny and hot.

This is one of the rooms. They have replaced all of the carpeting with Pergo flooring which makes the rooms feel very European. I made sure that the curtains were straightened and that all of the lights were turned on and I grabbed a fake plant from the hallway and put it on top of the cabinets to hide another light source that was bugging me and I made sure that the newspaper was strategically placed on the desk.

The Palm Cafe is one of Joel's pet interests. He made sure that the hotel was going to serve Starbuck's Coffee. I liked this shot because it has a cafe feel with the ambient light coming in through the glass doors.

Later in the day, after Joel and I did our Sunday shopping at Target and Publix, we were driving home and I saw this HUGE weather front moving in. The weather had turned from gray to bright and sunny but this storm was moving in, very quickly. I ran and grabbed my camera because the clouds rolling in looked so interesting. However, on the way to the lake, I ran into my neighbor, Ronnie, who had just bought a new motorcycle and was showing it off to me! So naturally, I took his photo. Then I ran down to the lake and took the other photo. But by then it really didn't look as impressive as it did when I was in the car. Oh well. I tried. Then I sat in Ronnie's backyard and watched his three dogs run around and act, well, like dogs!!

This was the weather rolling in and it just didn't look the way I had hoped, but here it is. However, later when I was watching CNN they announced that there was a tornado warning in Coral Springs . . . that is only 5 miles north of my house!! We were fine here though.

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Sue Pea said...

Hi Honey!

Hope you survived the weather. Nice work on the hotel shots. Zki looked at them and recommended that you try taking them with a wider lens, especially the one of the exterior of the building -- A wider lends would make the room look larger. Also, you might try to change your point of view in your shot of the cafe. If you shot standing on something and aiming the camera down more or even tried crouching and shooting up -- any variation on a straight on eye level shot would be interesting. Anyway, just a few ideas if you have the opportunity.

Great job!