Monday, April 28, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - April 28, 2008

So today I tried something a bit different. I didn't carry my Nikon to work, instead I had my office Nikon Coolpix camera. I had fun with the camera when I went to Indiana with Rachel in October and I really haven't used it since. I had been carrying it around with me for several days. So I pulled it out while I was waiting for Robert to pick me up. I had gotten out of my meeting early and i didn't want to go up to my office for 15 minutes. So I sat outside and played with the camera. Ok, so the first shot was taken the other day, not today, but I had to put it in my blog. I received flowers from a colleague on my first day as Assistant Director. I thought it was such a sweet gesture and such a beautiful display of spring flowers. They are now wilting terribly, but I enjoyed them all last week!

As for this flower, it is thriving underneath the stairwell that goes up to the second level of the building near the restaurant. Frankly there isn't much light under there and the walls have some rust on them, but it all adds to the urban atmosphere!

As for this shot, I just loved the deep blue color of the late afternoon sky and the color of the buildings against the sky. The building to the right is the City parking garage. There is so much activity in there and on there. On the roof is a heliport and there are helicopters coming and going all day. Inside cars are constantly going in and out. On the ground level there are a series of restaurants that are ALWAYS busy. There were also some sad times too. There have been several suicides off of the roof. There was also a terrible car accident where a woman who worked in my building, somehow stepped onto the gas and drove right through the wall and crashed down right in front of where I was sitting today. Then there are festivals on the street in front of me where there are booth after booth of fabulous and quirky artwork and stages of music.

That's what I love about the urban area, there is always something going on.

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