Saturday, April 12, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - April 11, 2008

After a long week of work and juggling busy schedules, it was finally Friday night, my favorite day of the week! Adina's friend, Rachel, was at our house, she was going to the movies with the girls and then sleeping over. Before we all headed out to dinner, I was playing with my graphic designer's super wide angle lens. It wasn't quite a fish eye, but it is a lot wider than mine.

I took this photo of Newton. He was lounging in the hallway by the front door watching Grace.

Before we left the house we made Adina change the kitty litter. While the top of the kitty litter box was sitting on the floor, Newton jumped in and made himself at home.

Adina and Rachel (her friend) were being so silly at dinner. I had to capture thee moment.

I snapped this and focused on the venetian blinds instead of the scene outside of the window. The sun was setting and gave a warm glow to everything.

I loved this photo because Adina and Rachel were making each other laugh and this was pure sisterly love. They have this special bond with each other and it is fun to observe it.

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