Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 25, 2008

In the morning, Samantha, my colleague, and I walked over to the Museum of Art to get a cup of coffee. They are giving out free cups of coffee until the end of this week to promote their new cafe. It is very good coffee and we have have been going there for two weeks. I think that they have hooked a lot of people! I also had to shoot a few photos of our display about the Arts License Plate (you can sort of see the display in the background. However, While the museum officials weren't looking, I snapped this shot of the sculpture of three dogs. I just love this artwork. Also in the wall you can see a black and white photo which describes the concept car exhibit that is at the museum right now. The cars are really amazing!

When I walked into the house, the first thing that Newton did was run past me into the laundry room and dove into this laundry basket. It was like he was deliberately being cute so that I would take his photo!

As Joel was preparing dinner, Rachel was helping Adina with her Math homework -- something that wouldn't even attempt to do since I know how bad I am at Math! Don't they look like the perfect children? Well this moment only lasted about 10 minutes and then the yelling, screaming and tears stared and continued after dinner also. Rachel lost her patience because Adina wasn't really paying attention. It was percentages. I felt bad for both of them, but I decided to let them work it out. I only got angry once!

My comfy living room chair has become the perch where my cats take turns sleeping. It is one of the higher points in the living room and I guess they enjoy the feeling of looking down on everything else. That is why I chose this low angle to make the chair look even higher than it really is.

And the last cat shot of the evening is an overhead one of Grace as she chows down on her dinner. Notice how she has a rubber ball in her food. Honestly , I didn't put that there. Grace playes with these balls and brings them to her food dish. Sometimes I find three or four of them in the food. I think it is funny! Cats are so very entertaining to me. Better than TV sometimes!

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