Sunday, March 16, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 16, 2008

Saturday was a very busy day in the Leshinsky household. Miguel came early in the morning to finish painting the living room. He had to do the semi-gloss on the doors and baseboards.

As my friend, Susan says, I always have to have the obligatory cute pet photo of the day. Newton got into his comfortable position in front of the sliding glass windows to watch lizards and wait for the sun to bake him into a peaceful sleep!

Rachel's friend, Pearl, came over around 10 am to help Rachel bake cookies that they were taking to the "Relay for Life" in Davie which they were volunteering at to gain service hours for their National Honor Society. They had to package the cookies individually so this is a photo of Pearl decorating the plastic bags. They eventually went to Davie/Cooper City High School and stayed there until 10 pm.

Here is Rachel decorating the shirt that she was going to wear at the event. Newton came in and walked across the fabric paint and made cute little green paw prints on the floor but I couldn't get a photo.

Later in the day I took Adina and her friend, Madison, to a digital photography class at one of the library branches. My freind, Steve, was teaching the class. In this photo, Adina is busy checking out all the features on our cameras.

In this photo, Steve is very busy showing the kids how to use their cameras. He is a really good photograher and has won a lot of awards. He is very good at teaching too.

In this photo, Adina and Madison were learning how to take close-up photos using a tripod and artificial light instead of a flash.

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