Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 26, 2008

I started the day with my free cup of coffee at the Museum of Art. It is becoming a habit to go and get a cup of coffee and chat for a few minutes with the cafe manager! He has placed a bunch of these red umbrellas in front of the museum and a beautiful stainless steel cart and they serve strong Italian coffee. When they get all of their equipment in, they will have espresso and baked items and, of course, then they will be charging. But for now they just just provide it for free! They have a few tables and chairs out as well so you can sit and feel like you are in a European cafe having breakfast while you watch the morning traffic wiz by.

In the afternoon I was waiting for the trolley and decided to try practicing focusing on a car and then following it with my body to freeze the motion while everything else looked like it was moving. I read the article that my friend sent to me in a comment a few days ago. I had my shutter speed at 30 and a tried it for about 10 minutes with about 50 shots. One of my trolley buddies was trying to ask me questions about photography while I was trying to shot this. Only one or two came out close to what I was aiming for. But I had fun trying!

When I came home I grabbed the camera and went for a walk by myself. I lool for out of the ordinary things to shoot and today I saw this interesting bird across the lake either drying his wings or balancing himself against the wind that was blowing at a good pace. His beak was a brilliant orange but I couldn't zoom in any closer. This reminded me of that movie, "Wax On, Wax Off."

As I was focusing on this Buddha, a neighbor was washing his car. I was trying to be polite and explain to him that there are water restrictions due to a drought and he isn't supposed to be washing his car. He had no clue. How sad is it that people go about their business and do not even know that this state is in a crisis?? The water levels at Lake Okeechobee are so dangerously low that we can only water lawns or wash our cars specific days of the week. Somehow I kept my cool.

Here I go again finding the beautiful little flowers with brilliant colors. This is a tiny flower that actually are colorful leaves of the Bouganvillia tree. It is the yellow center that is the actual flower.

I snapped this because I loved the way the tree was growing out of another tree. I think it is a grape leave tree and these suckers are so strong they can grow anywhere. You usually see them along the edge of I-95. The sun hadn't started to set quite yet so there was still very sharp shadows everywhere. I liked the contrast of the shadow of the leaves along the trunk of tree.

I saw this rock out in front of someone's house. I didn't take the photo right away because there was a young man walking into his house and I didn't want him to think that I was trying to snoop around their house or take their photos. So I walked down the block until he was well inside of the house and then I back tracked and snapped this photo.

And this photo was taken while Joel and I were on the way to pick up Adina at Hebrew School. We were at a red light and I was looking up at the power grid and liked the way this looked. I took out all of the color and it really just looks like an abstract sculpture you might see at the MOMA.

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