Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 4, 2008

Today was an incredibly sad day for me. I didn't really feel like taking photos, but I did eventually. This first photo is of Ginny Becht. Ginny is my boss's mother-in-law. She passed away this morning after a very short illness. She was the sweetest person who dedicated her life to her family. She used to come into the office to volunteer and she worked for me for more than ten years. We used to go out to lunch and chat about her family and my family and she always had an interesting story to tell me. I know that my boss is absolutely devastated because they were closer that she was with her own mother. It is a long road to feeling better.

This is a photo that I snapped of my graphic designer, Jose. He had just gone out to lunch and decided to chop off about ten inches of hair! He gave the hair to "Locks of Love" but didn't tell anyone what he was up to!! I think he looks much better than he did with the ponytail. But I also think he looks much younger! His parents haven't even seen him yet!

After work we went directly to my boss's house. There was a gathering of friends and family. Joel and I went and stayed a little over an hour. It was a touching tribute to Ginny. When we got home, Rachel had made dinner for us and after we cleaned up and settled in for the night, I snapped a few of these photos. This one is of Newton relaxing in his favorite place . . . next to my sink.

I loved this photo of Adina trying to keep the peace between the cats. Newton was trying so hard to play with Grace and Grace was growling very, very loudly!

the next two photos are the trinkets that I have collected over the years and placed haphazardly on the wall in my dressing area next to the bathroom. There are arts and crafts projects from the girls, photos of Joel and me from the Miami Vice years and our wedding photo and my baby blanket that Joel had framed for me a long time ago. There is more, you just have to focus on the photo for a while.

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