Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 19, 2008

I am back and feeling much better. Yes, I am still struggling with typing and how to hold the camera without it hurting, but I got home today and went for a walk in the short time that I had between Rachel leaving for work and having to go to pick up Adina at Hebrew School.

This photo is of a dragon fly that was just hanging around behind my house. There were actually tons of dragonflies all around me, but i just sat very still and kept snapping away until I got one shot that I liked.

This flower was just hanging low on the tree begging for me to snap away. The sunlight was just right and the color of the flower was blazing red.

Yours truly! Saw my shadow and just took this photo. Nothing exciting, but I liked it.

These delicate plants were growing along the edge of the lake near my house. I like the shallow field of focus here.

I felt like this bird was posing for me. In actuality, he was probably just sunning himself in the late afternoon rays.

This beautiful orange shape is really mold growing on a piece of wood. I liked the way it was becoming part if the tree stump.

As I was walking into the temple to pick up Adina at Hebrew School I looked up and this was what I saw so I snapped a bunch of photos as I was walking. There were a bunch of teens standing outside talking and they gave me a very odd look.

This is Adina with her Hebrew School teacher. Adina just finished making the Tallit that she will be using during her Bat Mitzvah. I snuck up on them but they noticed me. It isn't the best photo because it is dark, but I liked it anyway.

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