Saturday, March 1, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - February 29, 2008

Oh, so I cheated a bit. After I had uploaded my photos on Thursday night I took some photos of Adina blowing bubbles at Newton. Most were just "eh" but I liked this one because you can see Adina's efforts in trying to get Newton to play while Newton is trying to touch the bubble that catches the light of flash just right. So, this is actually a Thurday, February 28 photo, not a Friday, Februrary 29 photo!

Once again I was waiting for my neighbor, Robert, to come out of the house so that we could carpool over to the trolley. It was a very cool and clear morning (not cold!!). I loved the pink clouds floating low in the sky catching the early morning rays. They remind me of cotton candy.

The next three photos were taken in our den. Joel was working late at the hotel because of a fund raising event for someone running for commissioner of our city. Since he wasn't home, Rachel and I parked ourselves in the den to watch Jeopardy, which we usually watch in the kitchen during dinner. It was a bit of a treat because Joel usually turns on the room air conditioner and not only is it freezing in there, but the noise of the AC unit is unbearable to me. We call it Joel's Cave! But I took a few photos of the artifacts that we have collected over the years. On this shelf you can see a plaster cast of Adina's hand, next to a stack of books that say a lot about our tastes! On the left you can see a sculpture of Jerry Lewis as "The Nutty Professor" -- this was a gift from the artist when Joel was working for Jerry. And in the back is a toy electric organ that is an antique and still works!

This is solely my shelf. You can see my passion for knowledge about The Beatles. I have more books scattered around the house, but this is the bulk of them.

And this shelf tells a lot too. The Triple Beam Scale and toy helicopter from McDonalds is a prop from Miami Vice. There is a very long story attached to this. Then there is the obligatory candle (left over from Christmas and still has the scent of a Christmas tree!!) and an alligator head (doesn't everyone have one of those?) and many, many photos of the girls and my Mom. In the back is a photo of Joel with Lee Iacocca when he was a guest star on Miami Vice.

This is Rachel hard at work on the Friday crossword puzzle. She usually starts it and then I work on it for a while and then she will work on it later. It is a joint effort and occasionally we finish it!

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