Friday, March 14, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 12, 2008

Daylight Savings has hit me in the morning. It is so very dark as I leave the house!

This is an image of what I see as I walk out of the house to wait for Robert to drive us to the trolley. I stood absolutely still and held my breath because I didn't have the time to go back into the house to get my tripod. The blue of they sky is just about visible and the glow of the street light seems a bit ghostly. I didn't understand the weird reverse image at the base of the street lamp. This was in all of the photos that I took.

Robert was driving us into work because we had planned on meeting Joel and the girls at Cinema Paradiso to watch the film Woodstock. Also, at the film was to be Elliot Tiber, the man who "gave birth to Woodstock" by negotiating with Max Yasgur for the farm that Woodstock was held on. He wrote a book and Joel was going to buy the book and get his autograph. Now I was waiting on pins and needles all day to see if my friend was coming through with Wicked tickets. In any case, long story short . . . this photo was taken on the way to downtown Fort Lauderdale in Robert's car and I just loved the colors of the sky and the palms in silhouette.

I couldn't resist this. Our assistant director posted this sign on his door. I guess he really didn't want to be disturbed!!

During lunch there was a concert just outside of our building in the park. They were playing Celtic music. We brought our sandwiches out there and listened. I took lots of photos but I really liked these two because you have one person totally absorbed in her book while enjoying the ambient sounds and then the guy playing guitar with his harmonica vaguely reminiscent of Dylan. I really enjoyed this moment. The sun was warm but there was a cool breeze too. And there were about five of us out there together enjoying.

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