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Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 29, 2008

Saturday was a glorious day. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the temperature was in the low 70s. Adina had to go to a Bar Mitzvah and she was up bright and early doing hair and make up (not that she needs much, but it makes her feels like a lady). I took a bunch of typical photos of Adina, but I loved this one becaus it shows her true nature -- silly, light, fun and kitschy. The retro sunglasses just add a bit a drama to the photo and just look at the color of the sky.

After we dropped her at the temple, which was one of the largest temples that I have ever seen by the way, Joel and I went to Denny's for breakfast. Not the most glamorous of places, but practical for a quick meal of pancakes and coffee. Before we parked, I saw this small lake behind the parking lot and I made Joel stop for a moment so that I could snap a few shots. This image reminded me of the trees along the Potomac near George Washington's estate. The colors are reminiscent of the fall, even though we are no where near that climate or time of year.

And here is Joel, relaxing with the Saturday morning newspaper, me with my cup of coffee. A tiny slice of time that is so precious in our day.

This photo just tickles me. I had to run in to my optometrist so that he could replace a screw in my sunglasses. As I walked out I turned around and saw this scene. It says so much to me, these folks are sitting outside of a typical South Floridian bagel restaurant. These men could be any of our fathers. They are just sitting here either waiting to get into the restaurant, or waiting for their sons or daughters to pull up the car so they wouldn't have to walk too far. One man is busy reading the newspaper, perhaps it is the Community Newspaper that sits in the metal stands outside of this restaurant, or perhaps it is the daily newspaper chock full of sad news about our economy and the war in Iraq. But the funny part is the woman sitting off to the right, just completely ignoring the men and talking on a cell phone, perhaps to her daughter to let her know of their morning antics. This freezes the moment and lets you know what decade you it is. So to me, this photo speaks volumes and that is what I have been trying to achieve. To tell a story with just one snap of light.

A colleague of mine offered me tickets to see a two hour lecture at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Due to everyone's busy schedule, I was the only one able to go. I didn't want to miss it. This is Steven Schwartz, the man who wrote the music and lyrics to Wicked and many other Broadway musicals like Pippin and Godspell, Mass, and many more. He was the college roommate of one of my colleagues. I so enjoyed listening to his explanation of the journey he took in the creation of the music of Wicked. He said that it took three years to create all of the music. I like this photo because he was in the middle of singing the song, "For Good" and you could see how much he loves what he was doing.

As I was leaving the Broward Center, I decided to walk along the New River. This is the scene from the top of the stairs looking east on the river.

These are the steps that I walked down and then I turned around and took a photo of the Broward Center. This is only one of the two theaters that makes up the Center. It is the larger of the two.

As I continued my walk along the the river I snapped this photo which captures the view along the water as well as the taller buildings of the downtown landscape.

This is a photo of the Museum of Discover and Science. I have spent many hours walking around the exhibits with the girls and Rachel has worked as a volunteer many hours there. I like the shape of the building too. The yellow section of the building used to have a covering until Hurricane Wilma blew it away.

This is a pavilion along the Riverwalk. It is used as a stage for concerts and as a centerpiece of many festivals and private occasions.

When I walk on Riverwalk, I always visit my mother's brick. This is the saying that my mother always said when when she was talking to my girls on the telephone before she would say goodbye. So we made sure that it was on this brick so that we could always see it.

And the day went on and on without a cloud and more and more sunshine. And I really wasn't hot walking along the river.

This street could be anywhere in America but the shadows of the palm trees gives you a clue that it is a location in a warm climate, possibly tropical or sub-tropical but still you aren't really sure where this is. These apartments were recently built in the downtown area. I think it would be a nice place to live if I were single, right in the heart of all of the excitement of the business, arts, restaurant and bar district.

In the middle of downtown, there is an oasis along the New River. There are many trees, bushes and flowers growing along the linear path along the water.

I almost had a job today! As I was walking, there was a wedding party gathering along the New River. They were all in a tizzy because their photographer didn't show up. They offered me $100 to take photos. I knew that they weren't really serious, but I did think about it for a minute! The photographer did show up a few minutes later! These tables were set up and ready for the wedding party. I would have liked to have a party like this one.

Despite popular belief, South Florida does actually have some history! This is the King-Cromartie house. Ivy Cromartie married Frank Stranahan and they lived in a house on the New River which was a trading post with where the Seminoles came to trade their furs and beads.

These railroad tracks are very important to South Florida and also carries a lot of history with them. Built by Henry Flagler, the Florida East Coast Railroad connected the northern states and supplies all the way south to Key West. It was an important step in the development of South FLorida. I liked this photo because the bridge is up and all is quiet in downtown as I was headed back to my car.

These are the light signals for the railroad. Many people ignore these lights when they are flasing and it puts them in terrible danger. You also don't realize how large they are until you look at them like this.

This is one of the newer buildings in downtown. They are building these residential buildings with retail on the first level. This looked very new and clean and bright against the deep blue of the sky.

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