Saturday, March 22, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 21, 2008

When I came home on Friday I was all alone for at least a half hour. Not a lot of time really, but I decided to look around the house to see that I could take photos of. This container that is still holding pine cones from the Christmas holidays is sitting in the living room. I liked the new color of the paint behind the slate blue of the box.

I really liked the high contrast of the light on Newton's face. He was playing on the couch and looked up for a minute and I caught him for a brief moment.

Of course here is the silly photo of the day, Newton is playing with his favorite toy. I can shake this toy (it has a jingle bell in it) and he will come running in from where ever he is hiding in the house.

So I moved into the kitchen and took this close up of one of my orchids. I love my orchids. They bloom for such a long time. They started early this year, right around Christmas time. I have more outside.

This is our kitchen. We decorated it like an old fashioned diner. The wallpaper is reminiscent of the table cloth that was on my Nana Schain's kitchen table. The walls are covered with photos of diners and a huge photo of my Mom in her luncheonette in Far Rockaway (circa 1950) and doo dads from here and there that we have collected over the years. I decided to do this shot in black and white.

So today was Robert's birthday. We took him out to a Greek restaurant in Coral Springs. It was a perfect night and we sat outside next to the water fountain and there was lots of music and belly dancing going on. I took this photo while Rachel was looking at the fountain.

This was the belly dancer. The men were going nuts over her. But I agree that it was fun to watch her.

All the way through dinner Adina and Candace were playing with Candace's ipod. I liked the blue glow of the screen on their faces. It reminded me of when we used to watch lack and white TV and there was that really odd glow from the TV if you had the lights off in thr room.

And this photo was just for fun. Joel snapped it sao tht all the girls could surround Robert for his birthday.

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