Friday, March 28, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 25, 2007

I was not having a very good day. I was quite emotional and everything that was going on in the day was annoying me and pissing me off. Perhaps there is something in the moon and planets where Mercury is in retrograde and makes everyone a raving lunatic, but by noon I needed a break. So I went out to the plaza outside of our building, plopped down on a cement bench that was in the sun and I threw off my shoes and warmed up in the strong sun. Then I called my best friend, Susan, and we chatted for about a half hour. It was a wonderful, guilty pleaure in the middle of the work week and in the middle of the day. I felt so much calmer after that and then went to get myself a sandwich at Subway. However, while I was on the phone I snapped this photo of the empty pool in front of our building. They have a sign up that says that they have drained the pools due to the drought. But due to some rain, there was a little bit of water that the pigeon was trying to wash himself in.

The rest of my day proofed to be equally as emotionally challenging. I can usually handle the pressure of overlapping deadlines and over-reactive employees, but not today. On the trolley on the way home I started to think about what had changed in my life. When I went to the doctor on Monday to have my thyroid checked, I had forgotten that he had changed the dosagae of my medicine which actually affects my hormones. So I am positive that is why I was an emotional wreck today. So Joel set up a massage for me at the hotel. I had Rachel drop me off there when I got home from the trolley. After the glorious massage, I got myself a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte (also at the hotel) or whatever that is called and I was sipping it as I was sitting in the car waiting for Adina to get her little butt in the car so that we could drive her to a sleep over party at her friend's house (it is the beginning of Spring Break). I looked so relaxed in the side view mirror that I decided to snap this photo of myself. Plus you can see my poor broken finger all wrapped up in the splint! It is doing much better.

My tea and my bare feet on the dashboard. I am such a flower child still!!

Miss Adina finally joined us and here she is all ready to party with her girlfriends. This was a homemade birthday card that she was showing me.

And so the day ended with Joel and me in bed at 10:57 p.m. watching the last few minutes of Celebrity Apprentice (sorry, I got hooked and wanted to see who would win). Rachel had taken her two girlfriends, Pearl and Taylor, to the Panther Ice Hockey game and they had just come in, plopped down on the floor of our bedroom and I just had to document that moment. Then it was off to sleep.

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