Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 11, 2008

Joel and I had to go over to The Home Depot to pick up a can of semi-gloss paint so that the painters can finish the doors and trim in the living room. Rachel had to go to work at 6 p.m. and Adina had a lot of homework, so Joel and I decided to go out to dinner. Joel had just purchased one of those fund raising books that has coupons on every page. and he was sitting on the steps decided where we should go to eat. We finally decided on a place called, "Grumpy Dicks." which is a seafood restaurant near where we were going. Of course, after dinner they said that since we ordered the "special of the day" that we couldn't use the coupons. Oh well, so much for the fine print.

Newton, Newton, I will never understand how these strange positions are comfortable to him. This one is a new position. Usually the legs are straight back!

This waterfall is right at the entrance to Inverrary. It isn't the main waterfall, it is on the side. I snapped a bunch of photos as Joel was waiting for the light to change. Funny how we take this beautiful scenery for granted on a daily basis. When I look at these photos, everything looks so lush.

This plastic sticker has been on my windshield since 2001. It is showing signs of wear and tear, but it will always remain there. I was so affected by that day, as I am sure so many others were as well. I had just come home from New York from a two week vacation at my parent's house with the girls. I had even taken Rachel to the World Trade Towers to see them. So it hit home even harder. Then when I found out that one of my childhood friends had lost her husband in the first plane, I was devastated. So this sticker is the least that I can do to show the world that I will never forget.

After dinner, I snapped this photo outside of the restaurant. I have always loved the way this complex looks because you could imagine being up north because of the dark red bricks, which remind me of the houses in New York. Especially in Brooklyn.

Before we went into THe Home Depot, we went into this art gallery/frame shop. There was so much art on the walls! I turned on my work persona and asked them if they were listed on our Art Gallery listing because we are about to print our museum and gallery guide! But Joel and I were hunting for something interesting for the living room. We did find something. I will take a photo to share tomorrow.

And this one, well, it is one of a group of sculptures that were sitting on a counter. It reminded me of some really fine art that I have seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I liked the "sketchy" shapes of the figure.

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