Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 5, 2008

This morning I change my routine and it made a huge difference in the way I felt all day long. Instead of going straight up to the office when I got off the trolley, I walked over to Dunkin Donuts and got myself a nice cup of coffee. A treat for me since I usually drink tea. On my way back I stopped to snap this photo of the building where I work. I think it is such an impressive looking building and I forget sometimes that I work in such a wonderful location. So I decided to capture it for my blog. Then I ran into a friend on the plaza and we sat and chatted about photography. Turns out that he is teaching a digital photography course in two weeks for kids and I am going to take Adina to the class! I figured I can pick up some hints in the process.

During lunchtime my graphic designer, Jose, and I decided to go out to lunch and sit outside. There was a concert in the park next to our building and it was a great atmosphere to unwind a bit. Of course it started to rain, but that didn't scare us away. I put my hair up in a ponytail and we huddled under the umbrellas and enjoyed the weather! It was in the 80s and not windy so it was just a gentle rain with the sun coming through now and then. This is a photo of the rain puddled on one of the tables at the restaurant.

Loved this photo of the ladies with the umbrellas in the park listening to the blues music in the amphitheatre.

This is a close up of the rain drops bouncing off of the tables.

And this is a photo of the rain between the umbrellas. I loved the way the raindrops look like exclamation points.

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