Monday, February 25, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - February 23, 2008

On Saturday my office held a Cultural Diversity Artists' Forum near my house in Lauderhill. I wasn't planning on going, but Rachel and Joel were both working and Adina and I weren't doing anything so we headed over there for about an hour or so. Before the meeting there was a presentation by a Polynesian organization and these kids were peeking in the window to watch the dancers.

This is the back of on of the dancers who was listening to one of the musicians talk to the audience. I just loved the way the flowers looked around her neck with the bright colors of her clothing and of the gentleman speaking.

I especially liked this photo because I was able to show the motion of the dancer while freezing the expression on her face.

I loved this moment of the mom leaning over to her child touching foreheads for just a second. I was sitting on the floor as quiet as a mouse, and I was able to zoom in unobtrusively.

This man was listening so intently to what was being said, but it looked as though he was posing for me. I really liked the tone of his skin and the way the background just melts away.

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