Thursday, February 14, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - February 14, 2008

My morning commute this morning gave me a glorius sunrise. I loved the way the rays of the sun flaired over the opened window. And you can definitely tell from this photo that I am in a tropic place with that palm tree!

I selected this photo because the palm tree was almost completely silhouetted but you can see just a tinge of red on some of the fronds. It felt to me as though the red was painted on.

This photo reminded me of the scene in Bye Bye Birdie when they are about to sing the Telephone song! I also liked the orange color of the sky as the sun was coming up.

And what is a morning commute without a train to slow you up? This is the Tri-Rail. It is a commuter train that travels north and south from West Palm Beach, through Broward and into Miami-Dade County. I never have had an opportunity to ride the Tri-Rail.

I liked this photo because it is the first thing I see every morning as I enter the Main Library on the first floor. They now lock the front doors of the building until 8 a.m. and I arrive at about 7:40 a.m. So I have to come in through the loading dock. These are the color-coded pipes with different liquids flowing through them. I remember when these were just pipes and then about ten years ago they painted them.

Right outside our office is an art gallery named, gallery six. Part of the gallery is reserved for an exhibit of a moon rock that was donated by one of the late astronaut's wife. It is more like a pebble, but I think it is so very cool that we have this. I love anything that has to do with space travel. They also have a flat screen TV playing all the time with astronauts walking on the moon! It scares me when I get off the elevator because I hear men talking!

And here I am, finally arriving at the front door of our office. Ready to start my day.

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