Sunday, July 27, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - July 26, 2008

Saturday started off to a sleepy start. No one wanted to get up but we did finally get up and get dressed about 10 a.m. We had some breakfast guests because Joel is helping a friend run for County Circuit Judge. Once they left, we packed up the car with a cooler and ice and headed back to North Miami to the rock exhibit again. The girls went into the museum without us and Joel and I went and had a nice quiet lunch of sushi.

We drove over to Ivan Tors Studios which are now called Greenwich Studios. It is the location where Miami Vice, Sea Hunt and Flipper were filmed. Joel spent five years, day and night at the place!!

As we left we stopped to get gas because we couldn't believe the price!! $3.90 and it was FULL service. They wouldn't let us pump our own gas. When was the last time that you ever sat in your car while your gas was pumped for you?

After Miami we headed north to the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood to see the Lego exhibit. This artist made amazing creations out of Lego pieces. This is one of the cultural organizations that we fund and they were very happy to see us.

After the museum we headed off to Penn Dutch to pick up some food. I took a couple of photos of some funny signs that we found. It was just a little giggle.

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