Sunday, July 27, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - July 23, 2008

Wednesday night I took the girls out to dinner and then out to see The Dark Night . . . the new Batman movie.

Rachel drove so Adina and I were posing for silly photos.

We stopped at Walgreens to buy some candy and when we got to the car I sent Rachel back in to buy a bottle of water. While I was sitting in the car, these two birds landed on the car next to mine. So I took their photo.

And before the movie started, both girls HAD to get in a few last text messages before the lights went down. Remind me again, what DID we do without cell phones?????

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Sue Pea said...


We just spent day and night tying up our parent's phones? Remember babysitting for Jill while I was babysitting for my next door neighbors? Did we or did we not stay on the phone from the minute they left until they came home?

We didn't need no stinkin' cel phones!