Sunday, July 27, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - July 20, 2008

Sunday the girls asked to go to their favorite consignment store. It is called Plato's Closet and is up in Coral Springs. There are a bunch of these around the country, we even found one in Terre Haute, Indiana when we were visiting John and Kim Newton. The clothes are "gently worn" and are only good labels . . . American Eagle, The Gap, Target, Hollister. The prices are great . . . nothing more than $22 and most are under $8. So we spend lots of time there.

After buying an armload of clothes we needed to use the restroom at Publix. Next door to Publix is an exotic pet store. We were there for more than an hour playing with the animals.

I really tried hard to snap a photo of this South American rodent. But he moved around so much that every shot was blurred. I was moving too in this one. But he was so very cute. He was only seven weeks old and looked sort of like a racoon. I know that cute and rodent aren't usually used in the same sentence, but you can decide for yourself. They called it a Coati, but I couldn't find anything about it on the web.

This skunk was desperately trying to play with Adina's shoe! He was obviously de-skunked, otherwise I wouldn't have gone that close to him.

These finches were lined up in such a perfect row, I really liked the composition. Finches also make such a lovely beeping noise.

I do believe this Cockatoo was posing for me. This was after he enticed someone to come over and scratch him under his wing and then he bit him really hard! I thought I would keep my distance from him.

And in this shot you can see how Adina is catching up with Rachel. Of course Adina was standing on the curb, but still, there isn't much difference in their height!!!

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