Sunday, July 27, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - July 24, 2008

I took Thursday and Friday off to be with Adina since she didn't go to camp this week. This was the one week that the JCC did sleep-away camp and Adina didn't want to go. Of course, once all of her friends had left, she had a change of heart, but it was too late. But she was productive this week, she had to complete one of her summer reading books and she did. She also had lots of sleeping to do. Teenagers do that so very well!

So Thursday was dedicated to Adina. We had a few errands to take care of and then we headed down to North Miami to the Museum of Contemporary Art or MOCA. They had a really cool exhibit there on Rock and Roll and it was called, "Sympathy for the Devil" (a Rolling Stones song, in case you didn't know!). Part of the exhibit was a sound-proof room in the center of the museum where you could play guitars or drums and become part of the art since they recorded you. I played a little guitar and Adina played the drums! These two fourteen year old docents walked us through the exhibit and had the most enthusiasm I have ever seen.

I couldn't take any photos inside the museum, but Adina happened to snap one with her cell phone.

It was a little weird walking on the vinyl records, but it actually made a very cool floor!

I took this photo of Adina before we went into the museum. She had to stand under her letter!!

Notice the different color nails that match the sculpture! We had taken a photo in this same location during Christmas vacation.

Everything is very well manicured outside of the museum which is directly across from a Starbucks which is one of the ones that MUST close. Even the fire hydrant is pretty! It is also next to the North Miami Police Department.

I found this cute snail right outside Adina's orthodontist. Everyone inside the doctor's office was watching me and my girls wanted to crawl under something. They get so embarrassed when Mom does something un-Mom-like!! I was crawling around on the ground to get as close as I could to this snail!!

And here is Adina making another appointment because they had had a power failure so the doctor canceled all appointments, They had tried to reach me, but obviously didn't! So it was a waste of time, but I got to take a few photos anyway.

And this sign just made me laugh.

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