Sunday, July 27, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - July 22, 2008

The sunrise on the way to work was really spectacular. It is very hard to capture the real colors, but I still like the way it looks anyway.

You must think that we spend an awful lot of time in the bathroom! We don't it just so happens that I snap a lot of photos when we are in there. It is usually a family gathering of some sort.

This really was a momentous occasion since both cats were drinking water out of Adina's hands at the same time and they weren't hissing or growling at each other either!

And here is Rachel doing her crossword puzzle. She does the puzzle on a daily basis, in addition to watching Jeopardy on a weekday basis and answering most of the questions before anyone else can even part their lips to try to answer! It is a great way to increase vocabulary and whatever she can't finish, I try to finish. Occasionally, with teamwork, we get the entire puzzle!

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