Sunday, July 13, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - July 12, 2008

I really can not believe that my baby is going to be 13. I now have not one, but two teenaged daughters. . Just like that John Ritter show, "Eight Simple Rule for Dating My Teenage Daughters." Oy Vey!

As a special treat we got the girls three adjoining hotel rooms at the Inverrary Resort. Rachel and her girlfriend, Pearl, were in charge and slept in one of the three rooms. They ordered pizza to the room and swam in the pool. They did arts and crafts and played lots of board games. All together there were 10 girls plus Rachel and Pearl.

Here is Rachel with her friend, Pearl.

Joel had gone up to the rooms and decorated before the girls arrived. We had birthday balloons all over the place along with photos of Adina with a 60s Psychedelic theme pasted on the mirrors and lamps along with photos of Jack Nicholson from "The Shining." That was because Adina wanted everyone to watch the film and get scared!!!

Look how excited my baby is!!

And I had my hair cut today and I always like to take a photo of it so that I can try to get it to look like this after I wash it!! I haven't had bangs in more than a decade. It really isn't' that drastically different, but I feel like I look different. Oh well, I will get a kick out of what people say on Monday at the office!

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