Sunday, November 7, 2010

Project 365 - October 6 (Still Catching Up)

Happy Birthday to ME! 

No rest for the weary.  Even on my birthday I went to work (which I usually take the day off but I figured that if I did that, I would be working on the campaign anyway). 

After work, we had only one meeting, but since it was a "Meet the Candidates Night" we couldn't just leave.  The questions from the audience went on for a while and we didn't get to the restaurant until after 9:30 p.m.  Both my dad and Adina were with us since it was my birthday and they wanted to celebrate with me!

So my choice was the Korean restaurant near the house.  Great food, great sushi, great atmosphere and if you want the stir fry stuff, they cook it right in front of you!

I was really shocked that my dad tried all the different foods.  When I was growing up he had a very, very limited food range . . . if it wasn't something that his mother cooked for him, he didn't eat it.  Especially if the food was fish!

But I was quite impressed with the fact that he ate EVERYTHING!!  I ate the veggies that were a bit too spicy for him.  It was all good and I enjoyed my birthday, even if it was a very late meal!

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