Sunday, November 7, 2010

Project 365 - October 16 (Still Catching Up)

During the day we campaigned.  Then we had to shop for items at Restaurant Depot for a volunteer meeting.   We also needed to waste a bit of time because Adina was working at the Nova Titan Invitational Debate.  I loved this photo of this guy working the forklift.  He was taking his job so seriously but gave me a tiny smile as I walked by him snapping away.

We spent about an hour at the store.  There was one area that I refused to walk into, the freezer room.  You need to wear a parka in there, they have them hanging on hooks.  This sign was on the door and I just thought it was funny.

In between campaigning, I was still able to enter some of my work into two art shows!  I had three pieces at Sailboat Bend in Gallerie Jenner and two pieces at the Girls Club art studio in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

This particular night three different venues worked together (something I have been pushing for a long time).  The Girls Club, Sailboat Bend and F.A.T. Village all had events the same night and they hired minibuses to transport the attendees to the gallery night from place to place so no one had to worry about parking.

The first photo shows my artwork on exhibit at the Girls Club with Post It notes all around it.  The purpose of the notes are to let the judges, artists and the general public make comments.  Each was color coded.  I ended up saving the comments.  Not sure what I will do with them, but something!

I ran into lots of artist friends. This is Onajide.  He runs an online Meetup Group where he helps to educate fellow artists about workshops, exhibition opportunities and just ways to get to know each other socially since working as an artist can be isolating.  Then we boarded the minibus and headed over to Sailboat Bend.  They had exhibitons on each floor of the building and in a lot of the artist live/work spaces. 
This photo was taken in one of the lobby gallery spaces.  The art was an audio piece mixed with the writing on the wall.  So it was an interactive installation piece, or performance art.  These two guys were really into it!

After about an hour, we decided that we were hungry.  So we headed back to downtown Fort Lauderdale and went to 2nd Street and ate at the Taco place!  I had my Avocado salad and fish tacos!!  YUMMY. 

I took this photo of the train going thorough downtown.  I love listening to the train going by.  It reminds me of when I was in Terre Haute, IN going to Indiana State University with Joel.  That was basically the crossroads of America!  there were ALWAYS trains going through and I loved to hear the train whistles.  Wasn't fun waiting for them to pass by, but still liked them.  Made me wonder where they were coming from and where they were going to.

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