Friday, June 18, 2010

Project 365 - June 5, 2010

Fort Lauderdale Beach

I know that I am not uploading my blog in chronological order, but at least I am blogging!!

I have been shooting so much but I have not been good at downloading to my external hard drive and editing the photos! I won't make excuses, but I just haven't, so therefore, I am uploading in random order.

These photos were taken the same day that I did the photo shoot on the beach of my gym's Bootcamp. After the class, I walked around A1A and then drove up to Sunrise and found a free parking spot and went to my favorite place, St. Bart's. There are two St. Barts, one near Las Olas and one near Sunrise and I prefer the one at Sunrise.

So I had a few cups of coffee, in a REAL mug, and a hearty breakfast. While I ate I watched the people go by. Then I moved outside under an umbrella (more coffee too) and started shooting at whatever passed me by. These are some of the moments that I captured.

I really can not imagine living anywhere else. But I suppose at some point in my life I might want a change, but when I see the ocean and the palm trees and the familiar wave wall, I really can't imagine being anywhere else on the planet.

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