Sunday, June 6, 2010

Project 365 - June 2, 2010

Test Shots

I am still learning the new features on my Nikon D60. It is basically the same, but has a little bit more to it. I watched a DVD that comes with a book about the camera, but it is fairly basic. I just have to get my hands around it and start using it. So I started taking it to work with me again and hang it around my neck and snap along the way.

This one shot was taken on my way home from work. There was an impending storm out west that was quickly moving east as I was driving west. I knew that I would be drenched shortly and there were many lighting strikes, which I was very glad to be inside my car! Since I was driving I couldn't hold the camera up and wait for a lighting strike, but at each red light I would snap a few shots.

I just liked this one because you can see all of the rush hour traffic heading home from work along with the incredibly angry sky that we South Floridians are quite familiar with.

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