Sunday, June 27, 2010

Project 365 - June 27, 2010

Black and White Photography Workshop

Last week I received an email from fotomission, a photography organzation in Miami-Dade.  I had taken a workshop from them in 2008 and really enjoyed it and I have been recieving emails ever since.  I haven't been motivated to go back again, that is until last week.

This particular workshop was focusing only on Black and White photography!  It is what I love to look at and what I have always wanted to do.  I have never attempted it because I know that you have to really know what you are doing.

So now that I understand my camera and the cause and effect of light and shadow, i felt that I was ready for this workshop.

The class took place at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens which is directly across from the Convention Center and two blocks away from Lincoln Road (one of my favorite places to explore!).

The first half of the class we spent in the classroom learning the principals of tonal range and specular refledtion and textural range and dynamic range.  Then we went out into the gardens looking for subjects with a good focal point and shallow depth of field,  We also were looking for red flowers on green backgrounds or white flowers against the blue sky and so on.

Then the second half of the class we learned a lot of PhotoShop.  Not to add or take away from the photo, but to enhance the photo so that it is a better photograph.

Here are a few of my shots.  There is so much more, but after hours of editing, I needed a break!!  The last photo is my favorite because I took it on the fly as I was walking over to Lincoln Road to get some lunch.  This guy was hiding in the shadows and really didn't want me to take his photo but he kept peeking out so I snapped away.

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Sue Pea said...

Beautiful set. Great work.