Sunday, June 6, 2010

Project 365 -- June 4, 2010


What a long day. Started with a very long morning meeting at the Inverrary Hotel. It was a good meeting, but very long and by the time Mary and I got to the office, it was 11:30 a.m. After gobbling down a quick lunch, Mary and I moved into a conference room across the hall with an HR staff member so that we could conduct qualifiying interviews for the Public Art Administrator position. We had back to back interviews all afternoon. It is tough to do that all in one day and we have more on Monday . . . back to back! We made it through the day, thanks to M&Ms, a lot of stretching and tons of water.

Then Joel picked me up and we went to the Home Show at the Convention Center. Eh. Nothing of consequence. We were trying to get ideas for the remodeling of our two bathrooms which will be our summer project. After two leaks . . . one upstairs and one downstairs, we have a huge mess on our hands. But I digress.

The photo below is the view as Joel and I sat on stools at an outdoor bar behind the Southport Raw Bar on 17th Street. Although it was well over 85 degrees, there was a breeze and shade and we were fine on the dock. Sipping a tall cold Yuengling beer, waiting for a table and looking out at this view, well that made up for my incredibly long day.

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