Monday, January 19, 2009

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - January 19, 2009

Shopping. Just saying the word gives me the shivers. I hate shopping. Why? I really do not know why, but I just don't like it. I used to like to shop with my mom because she would pick things out for me and say, "here this would look good with that." And we would shop. But now, I am supposed to do that for my girls and instead, I get the eye roll and attitude. Today we tried to get Rachel and Adina some new shoes. We walked the entire mall and then went to a DSW store. Thousands of shoes and not one for my daughters.


But these are the photos that I snapped along the way to entertain myself.

This was the first store we went into . . . Nine West. The sandals were perfect, comfortable and black leather. But NOOOOOO!! Not for Rachel. Adina only wanted Converse sneakers, and they had to be high top and they had to be red. So with that narrow selection, she ended up with zilch.

Along the way, I decided to check out a sale at NY and Company. I found a pair of pants and earrings for myself. Adina came into the dressing room with me and when I looked at her eyes in that light, I just HAD to snap this photo. Ok, so I used PhotoShop, but only to enhance her eyes to the what I saw in the store.

At Footlocker, thousands of Converse sneakers, none that the girls wanted. I gave up and sat down on the floor, hence this shot!

At DSW Adina wasn't even remotely interested in looking at any of those shoes so she sat, contently, and texted and texted. Thank goodness we have unlimited texting!

And . . .what is wrong with these shoes? Rachel decided that she doesn't like heels on her sandals. Oy vey. I was sitting on the floor again. I was getting tired!

When in Davie we always stop at this pet store. Rachel was peering down at the parakeets. They were making a huge racket. When Rachel said, "shush" they all shut up for a minute. It was pretty funny.

And the lady in the store liked the fact that I was snapping photos so she opened up the gerbil cage and let me snap away. Here is one cutie crawling onto Adina's hand.

So although we didn't end up with shoes, I bought myself an outfit for work and we played with the animals. Not a total loss and they finally lost their bad attitudes.

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