Monday, January 19, 2009

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - January 18, 2009

Sunday, a day that we usually stay at home and do a whole lot of nothing . . . laundry and house cleaning. But since we took care of that on Saturday, and we are all home on Monday thanks to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, we decided to head out to Anne Kolb Nature Center to kayak again.

Although we had to wait about 45 minutes for kayaks, we finally got out on the water about 2 p.m. It was cloudy and cool (not cold) and just perfect weather. Adina and I shared a kayak and Rachel was on her own. Adina and I had a little trouble coordinating but finally got the hang of it and only went into the mangroves twice!! I was suppose to do the steering since I was in the rear, but Adina didn't have the strength to paddle us both, so I doing both paddling and steering and sometimes that led us astray.

I couldn't take any photos on the water because I won't risk getting my camera wet, but trust me, it is pristine and beautiful and peaceful.

I love this photo because of the reflection of the canopy of trees in the water. You can feel the mood of the day which was rather gray, and the gray of the walkway blends into the mood.

This dragonfly was flitting around from leaf to leaf. I made Adina stand still so that I could shoot several pics. This one was the one that I liked because I was able to freeze the wings in a downward movement.

I love the Florida skies. We may not have mountains or hills, but we have beautiful, expansive skies. This is actually a cold front battling to move into our area. Yeah, I know that cold front isn't like a cold front up north, but it does move heavy cloud cover in and drops the temps as soon as the skies clear and the daylight leaves allowing what the weatherman calls radiational cooling. It will be 42 degrees here on Wednesday night. A bit cool for my tastes! But I will get to pull out the warm sweaters for a few days!

I adore black and white photography and when I snapped this photo I just knew that it was perfect for grayscale! I find this extremely dramatic. We were at the top of the lookout tower and Rachel was busy texting her friends which gave me her profile and she was ignoring me and I was lying flat on my stomach to achieve this angle.

Although we all agreed that this was a really gross fly, I had to take the shot because I loved the green against the pink of the flower.

As we exited the Florida Turnpike I snapped this through the window of the car. Love our sunsets!!

This is my nephew's bird. He was making a lot of noise in the cage so he brought him out to be with the company. He was very entertaining. He dances with you and puffs up his feathers and head feathers.

I snapped this as we were waiting for Adina to change her clothes when we got off of the kayaks. Rachel was shivering because she didn't have a change of clothes. I loved the way her eyes looked and I used a bit of PhotoShop, a new technique I learned thanks to my best friend, Susan, pointing me to the online Digital Photography School.

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