Thursday, January 1, 2009

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - December 31, 2008 -- part II

Ah . . . the very last day of the year. What to do, what to do??? After sitting around the house . . . a lot . . . we decided to go to the pool. Why not. We live in South Florida, we might as well enjoy the absolutely glorious weather that we are having.

This was a shot of Adina and me. Adina was making shadow puppets!!

This is Rachel pointing out the icky bump on her foot. You can see it is between her ankle and her big toe. This is what hurts her. She went for an xray but we still don't know if it is broken. The doctor didn't get the report yet. We have to call on Friday morning.

This was my vantage point at the pool. The sun felt wonderful and I actually got to read half of my book.

My almost college-bound daughter trying to look sophisticated. I also was LOVING the color of the sky.

And Adina was looking so mature in this shot. I love her hair up off of her face and neck.

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