Thursday, January 1, 2009

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - December 31, 2008 -- Part III

New Years Eve . . . we spent it with our friends at their house, but we brought five 13 year olds and our 18 year old with us, along with champagne and lobsters and chicken wings and other stuff. When you invite the Leshinskys . . . you never know what we will bring!

Joel and Andrew were just chillin' on the couch waiting for midnight. Joel was finding it difficult to watch Dick Clark and Andrew was just too busy texting to notice my camera.

Sweet Lynn with her New Years crown! I had one on too. I always wanted my very own crown!!

Can you guess what was for dinner? I took a bunch of photos of the lobsters going into the pot, but I can't stand looking at them. I don't eat lobster, but I don't mind if everyone else does. I am not a vegetarian, I think that I just ate too many lobsters as a kid and I lost my taste for them.

During the party we played a fun game of Pictionary. The 13 year olds wouldn't part with their cell phones and continued to text throughout the entire party. Oh well, can't win so might as well join them! I ended up sending Happy New Year texts to almost everyone in my phone. It was fun getting the texts back all at the same time from everyone! I can see why they like this form of communication.

Here I am playing with Rudy. See, I have my Happy New Year crown on too!

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