Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - January 17, 2009

Saturday consisted of a heavy workout at my gym, complete with dance exercises! I haven't danced in about six years and I really miss it. I intend on returning to dance class soon. Then I came home to a house full of family members madly cleaning up their rooms, vacuuming and dusting. Wow, very impressive. I got into the act by cleaning the kitchen, sweeping the living room and folding laundry. But then I just HAD to get outside. So at about 2 p.m. I went over to Long Key Nature Center in Davie. It is a brand new park and still has damage from Hurricane Wilma, but mostly it is beautiful.

As you enter the center, there is a circle of trees with these pillars in them. There is history behind these pillars. I gave you link to read about it.

Lovely vista.

This little fella poked his head up as I was walking on the bridge across the lake. The water is crystal clear and full of wild life and underwater plants.

As I wandered the trail, which is actually a cement walkway through the woods, I came across this spider. I loved the way the light reflected off his web and he didn't budge an inch. If he did I think I would have just jumped out of my skin and ran for the hills!

This was another spider, much, much smaller than the other one and I really didn't catch what I wanted, which was the way the light sparkled on the web like diamonds. If I had a water bottle with a spray, I would have put some droplets on the web and take the photo again. But needless to say, I still liked this one.

If you look closely, you can see this butterfly's tongue as it sips the nectar from this flower. I followed it around for a while and took a lot of shots, but this one shows the tongue the best.

I impressed myself when I looked at this one. I was doing manual focus and aperture priority and I caught this bee and it was pretty far away. I used my 200 mm zoom lens and a wide open aperture.

I turned this one into black and white (a la Clyde Butcher!) I shot into the light to see what effect this would have. I love the contrast between the water and the lily pads. I happen to love black and white photography. I went to an Ansel Adams show a couple of weeks ago and feel inspired to find shots that translate well in black and white.

Love this one because the line between reality and reflection are blurred. Can you tell where the reflection starts?

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