Saturday, October 11, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - September 4, 2008

=So I was sitting at my desk and looked out the window and I saw these workers repairing our artwork. This piece is called Solar Time Plane by Dale Eldred. We have more than 200 pieces of artwork in our Public Art and Design Program. As the Assistant Director I was responsible for checking all of the invoices for all charges related to the public art program. The conservation is very important component of our program because we have a lot of wear and tear on our public art due to the sun, wind, rain and storms. Our program has a financial component in the ordinance that says that a percentage of the public art funds must be used ONLY for conservation. It is very unique in the realm of public art.

The bottom line of my thought process is that I was actually seeing the results of my work out the window!

This is what the artwork looks like in the spring and the fall when the tilt of the Earth reflects the sun just right on the mylar strips.

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