Saturday, October 11, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - September 1, 2008

Empty Nest Syndrome. It happens sooner or later to all of us parents. I am not looking forward to it quite yet. However our friends, Lynn and Richard, are experiencing it right now. Their son, Andrew, left for Michigan last week and now they like to have dinner with us on Sunday evenings. This time we went to their house for dinner and to play Pictionary! We actually had fun!

Rachel and Adina were having a typical sister moment in the family room. I think Rachel had the upper hand!

Joel and Richard are discussing something that is in the sink. I don't remember what the conversation was about. Richard is the mayor of Lauderhill. We have known him since Rachel started Hebrew School ten years ago!

I snapped this one because I happened to walk past our wedding photo and realized it was getting lost in the middle of all of the girls art projects! It's okay, that is what I love about being a parent. You never know what your children are going to create out of found objects.

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